What the bible says about dating and marriage

Sexual problems can plague relationships both before and after marriage.In a society that puts so much emphasis on outward sexual expression, it's no wonder that sex is a major contributor to relationships gone bad.From this we can conclude that marriage is a control placed upon the use of sex.Adultery and fornication are acts of illicit sex among partners who are not married to each other, and these acts are strictly forbidden in the Bible (Exodus , 1 Thessalonians 4:3).However when we love someone, our love doesn't lessen with absence.When we're away from that person, even for an extended period of time, we still love them, miss them, and long to be with them. Even when a person dies, our love for them remains, and it pains us that we can't enjoy that person's company.By Genesis , it is obvious that when two partners marry, they must leave their parents and assume total responsibilities for their own lives and actions, and for their own new family unit.There is to be no dependence upon parents, once the partners are married.

It's completely natural for teenagers to become attracted to the opposite sex, and for young adults to contemplate marriage.Finally, they are to love each other physically, or sexually. However, marriage partners must be much more than friends, and they must do more than just "fall in love." We have all had friends from whom we have been separated.We find that after a period of absence, our friendship turns to forgetfulness.When we discover that we're in a relationship with someone who isn't our one right partner, we should immediately end that relationship. The two partners in a marriage must love each other in the sense of maintaining a godly mental attitude toward each other which is free of any bitterness or ill will.So, what are the factors that God wants us to consider when dating and searching for our spouse? They must also love each other in the sense of liking each other as friends, and enjoying each other's company.

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